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Introductory Class 

Half hour class for the first week learning basics of dog obedience

Beginners Class 

Half hour class learning basics of heelwork, sit exercise with guidance and command, the right about turn. Handlers and dogs will be assessed for eligibility to progress to Class 1

The following dog obedience classes are held over a one hour session weekly. Regular gradings are held which must be satisfactorily completed before moving on to the next class (level).

Class 1

  • Heel on lead with guidance & encouragement

  • Sit at heel with guidance

  • Right about 180 deg. turn

  • Left and right 90 deg. Turns

  • Basic stand exercise with guidance

  • Sit for examination – human socialisation

  • Basic sit stay on lead – handler close in front and stepping side to side. Approx. 1 min.

  • Drop exercise from sit – treats allowed initially  to encourage do

  • Start of recall – on lead

  • Dog Socialisation

All returns are back to dog’s side

Class 2

Class 1 exercises, with dog responding more readily to heelwork  and commands

  • Left about turn

  • Slow pace heelwork

  • Stand Stay to end of lead.

  • Down from sit with command & hand signal

  • Sit Stay on lead – 3 to 5 mtrs for 1 min.

  • Down Stay on lead – 3 to 5 mtrs for  1min.

  • Stand for examination  to end of lead – minor movement allowed

  • Recall on 3mtr lead  from sit stay

  • Sit at heel with less guidance

  • Drop from Heel

All returns are back to dog’s side

Class 3

  • Dog to heel with less correction and guidance.  Lead held left hand over right. More consistency with Class 2 exercises

  • Sit at heel on one command when handler stops.

  • Sit and down stay to 5mtrs off lead for 1min.

  • Recall on and off lead  to 5mtrs. Dog to take up sit position in front of handler. Off lead is Optional

  • Stand stay to end of lead for 1 min.

  • Fast and slow pace heelwork.

  • Stand for examination to end of lead – no movement allowed

  • Finish to heel exercise – done separate to recall exercise. Quick response, minimal guidance.

  • Figure of eight  heeling exercise

All returns by handlers  are behind dog to the heel position

Advanced Class

All heelwork on loose lead held in left hand. Heel command allowed only when starting an exercise or after a stop. No heel commands when executing turns.

  • Automatic Sit

  • Offlead work (optional)

  • Sit and down stay 3 mins. with distractions

  • Stand stay to 6 mtrs for 1 min.

  • Stand for examination at 6 mtrs

  • Sit stay out of sight for 1 min.

  • Down stay out of sight for 3 min.

  • Drop, sit and stand hand signals at 6 mtrs

  • Recall from 30 mtrs.

  • Recall from free walking off lead (optional)

  • Drop at random

All returns by handlers  are behind dog to the heel position

Wiltja Dog Obedience Club Inc. is one of the listed Banyule obedience course on the Banyule City Council’s responsible pet ownership page.


Training is held every Sunday between 9 and 10:30am 
(except Christmas and Easter breaks).

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